Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BodyBudd Chin-Up Pull-Up Assist Band Review and Video

So, my Honey has been wanting to try a Pull-Up Chin-Up Assist band for a while. He usually uses a chair or toolbox when he needs an assist but these bands are really the best for doing that job. When I saw an opportunity to review this BodyBudd-Pullup Assist Band, Chin up Max at a discount, I jumped on it. My Honey was so excited when he found out! I'm sad that I can't use it because of my bad back, but he's a fitness instructor and coach and works out every day. Even the pros need assistance every now and then. Plus, more assistance just means more reps in the long run and that's the whole point, right?

Okay, so the #BodyBudd Assist Band arrived within a matter of days because I ordered it on Amazon here:

The product comes with a neat, black carrying bag that keeps everything tucked away when it's not in use. Inside the bag you will find the Assist Band fully assembled and ready to go. There's also an instructional pamphlet with loads of great tips!

To use the BodyBudd, just unhook the buckle on the top hanging strap and wrap the strap around the middle bar of your chin up bar and snap the buckle back together. It's so easy. Once the Assist Band is in place, you want to adjust the hanging strap using the adjustable metal clip. The correct length is going to depend on your height, the height of the doorway, how much help you need, etc. Just try out a few different lengths until you feel the most comfortable.

The #BodyBudd Assist Band contains three heavy duty assist tubes/bands. In the beginning, most people will want to use all 3 bands. As you get stronger, you will graduate to removing the center band to increase the intensity of the workout. I didn't realize that the bands were made of latex when I made the purchase. My Honey is very latex sensitive so this may be a concern. We have not noticed any reactions so far, though.

He has been using this BodyBudd Assist Band for a few workouts so far and is now a big fan of the product. If you are considering adding a Chin-Up Assist Band to your workout equipment, we think this #BodyBudd Assist Band is a great choice! I'm so happy I was able to find this product for him to use! This is a short review video that we made to show you how easy this product really is to use:

-Extremely easy to set up
-Feels very sturdy and safe
-Has removable bands for customizable workout
-assistance equals more reps and better results
-Lightweight and easy to transport from the gym to home
-great price and fast shipping on Amazon

-Latex bands may cause sensitivity
-Little tricky getting foot in strap (possible learning curve)

I purchased this product deeply discounted in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Thanks for checking out this review and stay tuned for more reviews in the future!


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